Meridia for effective weight loss

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Meridia is the brand name given for the tablet of systemic name sibutramine which exists in the form of hydrochloride monohydrate salt. The obesity drug Meridia has been withdrawn from many world countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, European Union, Australia, Thailand, India, Canada and Mexico. Large number of cardio-vascular disorders has been reported in the users who take Meridia. Last year, FDA has taken this issue seriously and reports of increased heart attacks and strokes are found among the patients using this drug and hence finally the sale of this weight loss pill has been banned in many countries.

Although its course of action is not known, Meridia acts as an appetite suppressant. It inhibits the neurotransmitter thereby reducing the re-uptake of serotonin and norepinephrine and increasing satiety a condition which reduces appetite. Thus the mechanism of this drug is similar to that of phentermine which is also a amphetamine. Though the functioning of this diet pill is similar to that of tricyclic anti-depressant the drug is not shown to produce anti-depressive effects. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the drug in 1997 as an effective alternative for treating obesity and since then it wow gold deutscher anbieter was hitting the market in the United States.

Periodic studies have indicated that Meridia has caused various side effects primarily cardio vascular disorders and strokes are prevalent among the users of this drug. Apart from this, the persons may have dryness of mouth, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth, stomach upset, problems in passing stools, sleep disturbances, drowsiness, menstrual pain and bleeding, headaches and joint pain. Sibutramine is reported to increase blood pressure causing heart attacks. A serious side effect of taking Meridia includes cardiac arrest and paresthesia (a psychotic disorder showing frequent mood changes). Sometimes, the person may have elevated mood and increased energy and excitement but again they go down having depression. Symptoms that demands urgent attention while taking this pill are seizures, unusual bleeding, fever, chest pain and abnormal bruising.

The drug of sibutramine is known to produce serious interactions with many drugs. It should not be taken along with monoamine oxidase inhibitor drugs like selegiline since it may activate the serotonin syndrome producing adverse drug reaction. It is important to monitor your blood pressure and pulse if you are taking Meridia. The diet pill acts on the chemicals of the body which are connected to weight. The use of drug alone cannot reduce your weight. But it has to be supplemented with healthy diet and regular exercises to reduce weight. Meridia is sometimes prescribed by the doctor for any other purpose apart from weight loss.

The FDA has taken serious steps for banning the drug in United States. Studies report that users who take this drug have an increased risk of heart attack or stroke and hence the Meridia has been withdrawn and banned for usage. One of the leading pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories has agreed to pull over the drug soon after the FDA has banned the medicine.

Any weight loss pill has some form of side effect and hence following healthy diet and regular exercise pattern will give you permanent weight reduction.

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